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Informational Medicine

Informational Medicine This is bioenergetic medicine of the 21st century. Informational energy medicine forms the missing link, which is, in effect, wellness health care. Information

January 15, 2016 Modalities
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Homeopathy Homeopathy extends at least as far back as the Ancient Greeks, the modern “father of homeopathy” was the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, who began

January 15, 2016 Modalities
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On The Application of Human Body-Field Theory

How NES Provision Scans Helped Lead to a Rare Medical Diagnosis Jason Siczkowycz, certified NES Practitioner Bioenergetic screening can suggest possible functional/subclinical imbalances in the

October 27, 2015 Articles
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Gerald Pollack

Gerald Pollack is the author of the book The Fourth Phase of Water. Watch the video below

October 27, 2015 Biography
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Dr. Yury Kronn

Physicist, theoretician, and inventor, Dr. Kronn lead research on high frequency electromagnetic vibrations, laser physics, and nonlinear optics. He is chief scientist of the Research

July 27, 2015 Biography
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Lynne McTaggart

An alternative medicine writer and editor of 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' publications, Lynne McTaggart developed the Living The Field program, based on the scientific

July 27, 2015 Biography
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Bill Nelson

Inventor of the SCIO, the successor to QXCI; researcher in the field of alternative medicine, natural health, and subtle energy

July 27, 2015 Biography
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Peter Fraser

Founding Chief Scientific Officer of NES Health, Peter is regarded as the world expert on the human body-field, scanning its integrity, and developing techniques to

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Folker Meissner, MD

Founder of the German Academy for Energy Medicine and Bioenergetics, Dr. Meissner is also a professor of acupuncture and bioenergetics, and a holistic healthcare practitioner

July 27, 2015 Biography
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Dr. Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc.

Dr. Beck is known as a renowned researcher and inventor in the field of Energy Medicine devices. Amongst his achievements, he is accredited with a

July 27, 2015 Biography
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